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Trunki - what protects it and how to copy it?

Trunkis: those pesky, pansy, $100 pseudo cases that A.D.Ds frog around - whizzing, darting, buzzing; filled with lumo bracelets, Play-Doh, Spot the Dog and multi-coloured bloody pens. Check-in your bags, stroller, Big fluffy Panda, snorkel. Enough? No. More ... add a Trunki!

BATHOMATIC - Fredy Vasilev's patents

Who can forget Fredy Vasilev's notorious pitch on Dragons' Den (2013)? The pitch that scored a record 1.5 million views on YouTube. A pitch so terrible, the channel sadistically extended the insert.

FLOWSIGNALS- Derek Cozens' patents

The second most viewed YouTube clip of Dragons' Den (with just under 1.6 million views) is Derek Cozens' FlowSignals - a series of flashing lights that Derek likely nicked off K.I.T.T. and stuck on traffic lights. Why anyone would want to do that is beyond me. Why someone would spend good money patenting it is bonkers. But, this Derek did, with surprising results.

iTeddy - patents, designs and trademarks

iTeddy - the stripper bear that flashes a multimedia device.

LEVI ROOTS sauce - patent, design, trademark protection

Levi Roots was an instant hit on Dragons' Den. With a little ditty on his guitar, Keith Graham (aka Levi Roots) walked away with a piece of Peter Jones' heart and GBP50,000 of Peter's money for 40% equity.

SHOPBOX - patented chilled delivery container

In 2010, Stuart Archbold appeared on Dragons' Den offering 10% equity for GBP250,000. They nearly secured GBP1m for 45% equity from Peter Jones. But, this was only when Peter realised that their SHOPBOX was patented.

Fisher Price - Patent Pending toys

Fisher Price loved marking their products "Patent Pending", but adding patent numbers they liked not so much.

Pantene Pro-V - cunning patent and trademark strategy

Get a "Patent Pending Number". Coin a new Trademark "Pro-V". And, become the #1 selling shampoo Worldwide. A BIG double thumbs up!


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