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About Us

We are Global IP & Consulting FZ LLE, a company registered in the UAE with licensed activities: E‐Commerce and Business Consultancy. Executive director: Tian Klynsmith (Patent Lawyer); Founder: Mandy O'Flaherty (Chartered Accountant).

Our collaboration with S&Z ‐ South Africa's most dynamic patent & trademark law firm for start‐ups ‐ blends our chartered accountant business focus with the intellectual property focus of patent attorneys. It has also enabled us to integrate Iptica's online filing systems with the electronic filing and reporting system of the most affordable Patent & Trademark Office in the world.

Result: Unique online services that satisfy your business‐IP needs … at incomparable prices.

About You

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New idea?

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Download a customisable, watertight, easy‐to‐understand confidentiality agreement; or

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Fortify the NDA into a robust SuperNDA ‐ the strongest confidentiality agreement available worldwide, that continues to protect your rights even if confidentiality has been breached.

We give you the best chance to disclose and "sell your idea" … with confidence.

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Create images for websites, make working prototypes and design knock‐out product posters.

Our product development division is the only prototyping facility housed within the safety of a Patent Law Firm. Personnel: Product Designer, Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer and Brand Specialist.

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New software app?

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Software patents may be confusing. We simplify it.

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Get Design and Trademark Pending Numbers for your software app name, logo and screen layouts.

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Understand how copyright protects your software.

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New clothing brand?

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Get a Trademark Pending Number for your new clothing brand.

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Get Design Pending Numbers for the shape of your clothing line. Design Pending Numbers are perfectly suited to cover your clothing range for the upcoming summer / winter season.

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Hopefully there are "new" features on your clothes for which you can get a Patent Pending Number.

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New food recipe?

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The Register Recipe website has all the information you require to get Pending Numbers for your foodstuff trademark, design and patent.

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Read our food labelling tips.

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See Patent Pending Number examples of foods that are popular today.

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New board game?

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Protect the layout of your game board and the name of your game by getting Design and Trademark Pending Numbers.

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In some countries "methods of playing a game" may be patented. We give examples.

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New marketing angle?

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Secure a global marketing USP by marking your product / business method "Patent Pending" worldwide.

We give your marketing that extra Boost.


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