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Register Recipe Trademark Icon


Food brand

Food / drink name

Prevents others from using confusingly similar branding


Trademark Pending Number

Right to file trademarks worldwide for 6 months

Patent Pending Icon


Recipe, food composition

Cooking method

Prevents others from using your recipe / cooking method, or copying your food composition


Patent Pending Number

Right to file patents worldwide for 1 year

Register Recipe Design Icon



Shape of foodstuff

Prevents others from using "substantially similar" packaging / food shape


Design Pending Number

Right to file designs worldwide for 6 months

Pending Numbers

  • Get Patent, Trademark and Design Pending Numbers online and reserve your right to file patents (12 months) trademarks (6 months) and designs (6 months) worldwide

  • It's safe ‐ we email you a signed confidentiality undertaking

  • Within a day (Mon‐Fri), you may mark your food / drink / restaurant / packaging / marketing material worldwide:

    • Patent Pending

    • Trademark Pending

    • Design Pending

Nothing communicates intent to protect your rights clearer than that!

Why trademark?

  • You can "own" your brand forever

  • Prevents others from using a brand that is "confusingly similar" to your primary brand (e.g. McDonald's) and food / drink name (e.g. Big Mac)

Why patent?

  • Can secure a 20‐year monopoly

  • Prevents others from using your recipe / cooking method or making food with the same composition; and importing, advertising and selling such foodstuff

  • Scares off potential copycats

  • Official proof that you are the inventor

  • Customers "know" your food product is "NEW"

Why register a design?

  • Lasts for between 10 and 25 years

  • Prevents others from copying your novel bottle, can or carton shape

  • The best and cheapest form of protection against "early‐bird" copycats

  • Your packaging becomes an extension of your "Brand"

Samples: completed forms


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