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Get App Patent Pending Number

A Patent Pending Number will reserve your right to file patents in 177 countries for 12 months and, during this period, deter competitors from "copying" your App.

Get a Patent Pending Number in 5 steps:

  1. Enter the applicant's name and address
  2. Enter the inventor's name
  3. Sign forms
  4. Upload a document describing your software / App
  5. Pay US$99

Start now

Your Patent Pending Number application will be filed with an official Patent Office in a country that is a signatory to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property.

Your Patent Pending Number document will be maintained secret by the Patent Office and is not subject to any examination. We also sign a confidentiality undertaking.

Within a business day of filing, we will send you a Patent Pending Number … guaranteed. This official Patent Pending Number is effective in 177 countries (including the EU, US, Russia, China, India, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, …). Upon receipt of the Patent Pending Number, you are free to publish / market / sell your software / App, proudly marked "PATENT PENDING".

What to include in the document for upload?

The patent pending document describing your app must "fully describe" your software / App ‐ especially the "new" steps in your method / features. We suggest that this document includes:

  • a description of: your software (i.e. your development spec); how your software works; how your software is stored and operated; and the "technical effect(s)" associated with your software; and
  • schematic diagrams showing how your software works (step by step).

Tip: For further assistance in writing a Patent Pending document, see the IdeaNav Patent Template.

What next?

In 12 months' time, you will need to file a complete patent application. When doing so, you can add more detail to your description and bolster your drawings (i.e. include further App developments since getting your Patent Pending Number). A patent attorney will likely assist in drafting this complete patent specification. But, for now, you are able to take the first step yourself at low cost.



    US9733811 "Matching process system and method" basically patented a method of profile matching, including the steps of:

    • receiving user online‐dating profiles, each comprising user traits and being associated with a social network;
    • receiving matching requests from a first user via an electronic device;
    • determining a set of potential matches for the first user;
    • displaying on the device of the first user a series of graphics of potential matches, each of which potential matches the first user responds to either: positively via a first swipe of the associated graphic; or negatively via a second swipe of the associated graphic;
    • where the first user responds positively to a potential match, determining whether the matched user responds positively or negatively to the first user;
    • displaying on the device of the first user graphics of matched users that have responded positively to the first user; and
    • either:
      • enabling communication between users that have responded positively to each other, provided that the first user and another matched user have not previously responded positively to each other; or
      • denying communication between users, where a matched user responded negatively to the first user.
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    US9071579 "System for sender / receiver to send or receive mood related, time sensitive or secretive content / messages" basically patented a method for a submitter to communicate information comprising the steps of:

    • submitter sending an anonymous communication containing information via a user‐interface of an input device connected to the internet, a virtual network, a communication network, social network, world wide web, WAN, and/or LAN;
    • encrypting the information;
    • submitting the encrypted information to a receiver;
    • associating a unique identifier with the submitted information;
    • sending the unique identifier and a confirmation message to the submitter;
    • sending the unique identifier to the receiver;
    • choosing by the submitter to be identified as being non‐anonymous, by submitting their name, e‐mail address, phone number, phone text number, network identity code, or location for non‐anonymous communications to the receiver, which information (associated with the unique identifier) is also stored in a database;
    • matching the receiver to a specific communication and to information associated to the unique identifier stored in the database;
    • providing a receiver unique identifier to a host system administration device, system administration device and to the receiver;
    • granting the receiver access to secure communication and information once the inputted receiver unique identifier is verified; and
    • permitting the receiver to open communications, read the communications, act on the communications, forward the communications, respond to the communications, reply to the communications, and/or delete the communications based on the inputted Receiver Unique Identifier.
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