Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss was built in 1873 on a single patent:

US139,121 "Fastening pocket‐openings", which protected "a pair of pantaloons having the pocket‐openings secured at each edge by means of rivets."

Levi Patent

Next, the company stunned the marketing world by turning its back on PANTALOONS and embracing the word JEANS. But, Levi's great, great, great grandson had to wait until "Back to the Future" (with a little help from Bruce Springsteen) rocketed denim jeans from workwear to high fashion, and Levi Strauss to a $5 billion revenue a year company.

To protect its position in the market, Levi's relies heavily on trademarks; lags behind its competitors in registering designs; and ventures on the odd patent frolic.

Examples of Levi's trademarks:

Apart from registering the name LEVI'S and the labels on Levi's jeans, Levi Strauss also trademark registers:

  • its jean styles (501, 505, 511);
  • the stitching design on its pockets;
  • the leg seam outline; and
  • that little red tag on the upper side of the back pocket.
Levi Logo Trademark Levi Pocket Trademark

Examples of Levi's registered designs

To be honest, there are only so many ways to design a jean pant. But, Levi's efforts pale in comparison to G‐Star, which design registers nearly every item in its clothing range:

Levi Jeans Design

Examples of Levi's patents

It is difficult to beat a blockbuser rivet patent, and proudly again to proclaim "Patent Pending" ‐ understated, modest or coy?

Levi Jeans Patent Pending Levi Advert Patent Pending

US6,421,831 "Ergonomic garments" protects pants wherein the outer seam of each leg curves towards a user's plane of movement.

Levi Jeans Patent

Possibly: Modest.

US4,289,820 "Fused belt loop strips" protects a belt loop made by:

  • place an adhesive panel over a fabric strip;
  • fold the major edges of the fabric strip over the adhesive panel; and
  • melt the adhesive panel to infuse the fabric strip and glue down the folded sides.

Correct: Levi's patented gluing down folded edges of a fabric strip!

Levi Jeans Patent

Definitely: Coy.

Clothes Brand Design Pending Clothes Brand Trademark Pending Clothes Brand Design Pending Clothes Brand Trademark Pending

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