Trademark your clothing brand

"Reserve" your clothing brand "worldwide" by getting a Trademark Pending Number for your clothing line's:

  • Primary brand name (e.g. TIFFANY's);
  • Product names (e.g. TENNIS‐BRACELET);
  • Logo (e.g. adidas STRIPES, Nike SWISH, Puma CAT); and
  • Pay-off line (e.g. JUST DO IT).

A registered trademark prevents others from using a "confusingly similar" name for their clothing articles. It also discourages others from using similar web domains to compete with you.

For example, a registered trademark for NIKE should prevent others from using the names NICKY (phonetically similar), VICTORY (conceptually similar) and SIEG (German translation).

It is never too late to trademark your clothing brand. Unlike Patents and Design Pending Numbers, you can get a Trademark Pending Number even if you have been using your clothing brand for years.

Also see: Tips for creating an effective clothing brand.

Selecting clothing trademark classes

Definitely, get a Trademark Pending Number for class 25 - clothing, footwear (sneakers) and headgear (hats).

But, also consider filing your Trademark Pending Number in:

  • Class 9 ‐ Sunglasses, protective clothing
  • Class 14 ‐ Jewellery, watches
  • Class 18 ‐ Bags, umbrellas, walking sticks, clothing for animals
  • Class 24 ‐ Household linen
  • Class 26 ‐ Lace and embroidery, buttons, hair decorations
  • Class 28 ‐ Sport gloves, bags and protective gear

Get a Trademark Pending Number in 5 steps

  1. Enter the applicant's name and address
  2. Enter your mark (e.g. NIKE)
  3. Enter the goods / service class (e.g. class 25 for clothing, class 14 for jewellery)
  4. Sign forms
  5. Pay US$99

You will receive a Trademark Pending Number within a couple of business days of payment … guaranteed. Thereafter, you may:

  • mark your label and marketing material "Trademark Pending" and
  • use the ™ superscript to the right of your brand name / product name / logo / payoff line.

But, only use the ® symbol in countries where your trademark has been registered.

What next?

Towards the end of the trademark pending period, you should consider filing trademarks in countries in which your clothes are sold. This can even be done after the 6 month period, if someone else has not already filed a similar trademark in the same class(es). In the Paris Convention country in which we filed your trademark pending application, we can assist in prosecuting this application to grant and send you the trademark registration certificate.

During this 6 month trademark pending period, should someone start using a "confusingly similar" clothing brand in Australia (for example), you will be able to file a trademark application in Australia, claiming the date of your Trademark Pending Number and sue the Australian competitor for infringement of your Australian registered trademark. Trademark Pending Numbers enable you to "test the market" without the risk of someone "stealing" your brand.

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