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Protect Clothing Brand for $99

  • 1. Name and logo
  • 2. Pocket stitching
  • 3. Clothing shape
  • 4. Fabric pattern
  • 5. Weave
  • 6. New features
  • 7. Tabs
  • 8. Labels
  • 9. Buttons
  • 10. Seam lines
  • 11. Elastic waist strip
  • 12. Pay-Off lines
  • 13. Shoes - Where to start?
  • 14. Packaging
  • 15. Store look
  • What to get
  • How?


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#1 Name & Logo

Choosing a distinctive name for your clothing brand is critical. Short words are best, but often "already taken". And, definitely add a logo that can be stitched on clothing.

Trademark registrations prevent other from using similar names / logos

#2 Pocket Stitching

Pocket stitching - especially on pants' back pockets - is a core element of clothes branding.

With all the pocket designs out there, the difficulty lies in creating your own unique pattern.

Get: Trademark and/or Design Registration

#3 Clothing Shape

TOP TIP: Get a Design Pending Number for each clothing item in your upcoming season's range.

Design Pending Numbers are cheap deterrents that last for 6 months - SNAP - the exact period of your upcoming season!

Dolce & Gabanna stuffs as many clothes they can fit into each design application, but this approach is slightly embarrassing.

#4 Fabric Pattern

The pattern / print applied to fabric is a major branding element of high-end fashion houses.

Versace doesn't launch a new print without Design registering it; Burberry is possessive of its patterns; and who doesn't recognize Ben Sherman RAF-styled logo?

#5 Weave

Create a distinctive weave design.

Benetton uses a wider weave above the Pecs to create an impression that bulging Pecs are stretching the material.

Get: Design Registration

#6 New "Features"

First Prize goes to designers that add new "features" to their clothing, as these can be stamped "Patent Pending".

Levi's patented the little rivets on the sides of pockets.

Puma patented a onesie with attachable over-shorts.

Nike patented cycling shorts with an embossed liner.

#7 Tabs

Tabs are attention grabbers!

Levi's red tab is legendary.

Noticed the tab at the end of SuperDry's hoodie drawcord? Even Thomas Pink adds Trademarked shirt tabs.

Get: Trademark

#8 Labels

Labels are not just for material and washing information - they can also communicate the quality and fit of your clothing.

Prada Design Registers theirs; Diesel Trademark Registers theirs; and G-Star uses its label to the max.

… Even the ® Logo

Levi's takes clothes branding to the extreme. They even Trademarked the way their ® logo is stitched on Levi's labels!

#9 Buttons

Buttons are focal points - perfect spots for logos and branding.

Just ask Levi's. But don't expect Levi's to stop there. No. Why not brand the little patented rivets too?

Get: Trademarks

#10 Seam lines

Lululemon cleverly integrates its logo into the seem lines.

… and then Trademark Registers the "look".

#11 Elastic waist strip

Underwear elastic waist strips offer premium branding real estate, especially when worn with sagging / low cut pants.

Calvin Klein and Bjorn Borg trademark registered the look of theirs.

#12 Pay‐Off Lines

Great Pay-off Lines are priceless.

But most are cringeworthy. Be careful.

Nike Trademarks them all - the good, the bad and the downright ugly!

#13 Shoes - Where to Start?

Shoes present massive opportunities for "left field" branding …

Learn from the masters: Puma, Adidas, Dr. Martens and Converse.

Get: Design Registrations

#14 Packaging

Don't forget the Packaging!

Puma Trademark and Design Registered its "Clever Little Bag"; Nike Trademark Registered its orange-ended box; and Calvin Klein Design Registered its carry bag.

#15 Store look

I bet you didn't expect this: The look of your store!

BOARDRIDERS (the makers of Billabong, VonZipper and Quiksilver like their store layout so much, they Trademarked it).

What to get?

"Trademark Pending Number" to reserve your right to file trademarks for your Brand in 177 countries for 6 months. Mark your upcoming season's clothes "Trademark Pending" worldwide for only $99.

"Design Pending Number" to reserve your right to file designs for the Shape / Pattern of your clothing in 177 countries for 6 months. Mark your upcoming season's clothing range "Design Pending" worldwide for only $99.

"Patent Pending Number" to reserve your right to file patents for new clothing features in 177 countries for 12 months. Mark your next two seasons' clothing ranges "Patent Pending" for only $99.


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