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We recommend Idaho Russet to:

  • create artwork for your game board;
  • prepare photorealistic posters of your game board; and
  • draft 3D CAD models and make 3D prints of your figurines and playing pieces.

Idaho Russet offers a "full‐house" package including: concepts; 3D CAD files; photorealistic posters; and 3D prints, for just over US$1,250. Prototyping is not expensive and significantly increases your chance of successfully commercialising the board game.

Idaho Russet is housed within the safety of a patent law firm. Not only do they take confidentiality seriously, but they also design with an eye on maximising your intellectual property protection. As part of their engagement process, Idaho Russet sends you a signed confidentiality undertaking, and undertakes to assign all intellectual property they may develop to you.

Educational Board Game Patent Pending

Board game development tips:

  • Design your own figurines ‐ consider the distinctive Monopoly top hat, thimble, iron, boot, battleship, cannon, race car, and wheelbarrow. To cast your own set of figurines in metal is surprisingly affordable. Apart from being design registrable, these distinctive figurines can also be protected by trademarks.
  • Incorporate features on your game board that "interact" with features on your cards or playing pieces. This will assist in patenting your board game.
  • Develop prototypes of the game and use these for market research. Market research is critical to iron‐out "wrinkles" in your game.
  • Prominently display your brand on the game board.
  • Print all your patent, design and trademark pending numbers on the game board.
Board Game Design Pending Board Game Design Pending Board Game Trademark Pending Board Game Trademark Pending

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