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Design register your game board

A design registration prevents others from making, importing, marketing, selling and using a game board that looks "substantially similar" to your game board.

File designs for your:

  • game board;
  • playing cards;
  • packaging;
  • playing pieces; and
  • figurines.

Examples (extracted from design registrations):

Article Registered design image
Game board
Game rules sheet
Game set
Playing piece

Get a Design Pending Number in 6 steps:

  1. Enter the applicant's name and address
  2. Enter the product type (e.g. game board, playing card, playing piece, figurine, packaging)
  3. Enter the article class (e.g. class 21 for games, class 14 for electronic screen displays, and 32 for electronic game versions)
  4. Sign forms
  5. Upload images / photos of the game board, cards, playing pieces, figurines or packaging
  6. Pay US$99.

Your Design Pending Number application will be filed with an official Designs Office in a country that is a signatory to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property.

Within a business day of filing, we will send you a Design Pending Number … guaranteed. This official Design Pending Number is effective in 177 countries (including the EU, US, Russia, China, India, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, …)

After getting a Design Pending Number, you are free to publish / market / sell your board game.

What next?

In 6 months' time, you will need to file design registrations in countries where you wish to protect your board game. This period can be extended to 12 months in the US, EU, Canada and Russia.

In the country your Design Pending Number was filed, we can assist you to prosecute your design application to grant. This could be your first registered design.

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