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Patent your recipe or food / beverage

Protect your recipe, food composition, cooking method

Get a Patent Pending Number for your new recipe, food composition or cooking method for only US$99. This reserves your right to file corresponding complete patents worldwide for 12 months.

A registered complete patent prevents others from making, importing, advertising, selling or using a recipe, food composition or cooking method that "reads onto" your complete patent claims.

Nearly every popular foodstuff today was once marked "Patent Pending". Without it, they would have struggled for "breathing space" in the market.

In your Patent Pending Number document, focus on:


Examples of registered food patents

Steps to get a Patent Pending Number

Example of completed form ⇨
  1. Prepare a document that fully describes:

    (a) the recipe;

    (b) the food composition; or

    (c) the method of making and cooking your food / beverage (e.g. a step‐by‐step guide detailing when and how the ingredients are added, temperature, time between steps, etc.)

  2. Prepare sketches / drawings or take photographs of your method steps
  3. Enter the applicant's name and address
  4. Enter the inventor's name
  5. Sign forms
  6. Upload the document and sketches describing your food / beverage
  7. Pay US$99

Start now

Do not disclose / publish your recipe or food / beverage until we email you the Patent Pending Number.

Within a day (Mon‐Fri), we will email you a Patent Pending Number. This number: reserves your right to file patents worldwide (177 countries) for a period of 12 months; and allows you to mark your product, packaging or marketing material "Patent Pending" worldwide.

What happens next?

In 12 months' time, you will need to file a complete patent application. When doing so, you can add more detail to your description and bolster your drawings. A patent attorney will likely assist in drafting the complete patent specification. But, for now, you are able to take the first step yourself … quickly, easily and affordably.

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