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How do I know if my idea is "new"?

You have a plan. Before you stick a tail on it and call it a weasel, spend some time searching through free databases to check whether it is "new":


  1. Search through Google images.
  2. SuperNDA New NDA
  3. Go to WIPO Search and add a query to the "English text" field.
  4. SuperNDA New Confidentiality Agreement
  5. In the results page, set: "View" to "All + Image"; and "List length" to "200". Note down the patent numbers that appear to be relevant.
  6. SuperNDA New Confidentiality
  7. Input each apparently relevant patent number in the Espacenet database and view the "Original document" to confirm whether it is relevant.
  8. SuperNDA New Secrecy
  9. If relevant: click "Cited documents" viewing all documents in this list; and click "Citing documents" viewing all documents in this list. Note relevant patent numbers in these cited and citing documents lists.
  10. SuperNDA New Disclosure SuperNDA New Protect
  11. Input each relevant cited / citing document in the Espacenet database and repeat steps 4 and 5.
  12. Continue cycling steps 4 to 6 until you stop coming across new documents. Then, consider restarting step 2 using a new search strategy.

Note ‐ a NDA can only protect information:

Need help with the search?

Our charge to conduct an international online patent search is US$375. The search takes about 5 business days, whereafter we send you our search report, copies of relevant documents and our suggestions regarding: what should be protected; and how to do so. All patent searches are done by a Patent Law Firm.


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