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Other ways of protecting my idea

The only way to protect your "idea" is through a NDA / SuperNDA or a patent.

You may have heard of "alternative" methods "seasoned" inventors use to "protect" their ideas, such as:

At the very least, you will receive a quizzical look. At most, you will get a visit from the postman. Nothing more.

The NDA has shortcomings relating to enforcement and "closing of doors to empty stables". These shortcomings are resolved by the super‐affordable SuperNDA. Patenting may be necessary, but not for 12 months after obtaining a SuperNDA.

Another option is formally to start patenting your invention. But, at this early stage, your idea typically needs a lot more work ‐ often from people who you intend disclosing your idea to under a NDA ‐ before you are ready to engage a patent attorney and crystallise your idea in a patent. Your SuperNDA helps you through the 12 month period between: starting to develop your idea with others under NDAs; and patenting your idea.

Patenting is important, but to file a complete patent you need to make an "enabling disclosure". In other words: you must be at a stage where you can tell the reader how to put your idea into practice.

Also, you should make sure that your complete patent describes all viable alternatives and additions. Should you file a complete patent for your idea and later come up with an "addition, modification or improvement", patenting these additions, modifications or improvements at this later stage will double your patent cost. Therefore, it is best fully to develop your idea during the 12 months SuperNDA period and ensure that your complete patent includes all modifications, additions and improvements.

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