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When should I rely on NDAs

Product development typically includes the following steps:

  1. searches to confirm whether the idea is new;
  2. cursory market research to determine the potential market and end‐user sales price for your idea;
  3. initial commercial and technical discussions with people familiar with the potential market and engineers, respectively;
  4. developing a functional prototype. We like Idaho Russet:
  5. SuperNDA When Confidentiality
  6. confidential "closed group" critical feedback of your prototype;
  7. initial discussions with toolmakers / potential manufacturers to consider manufacturing options;
  8. designing for manufacture;
  9. tooling‐up and manufacturing;
  10. marketing and sales; and
  11. sipping a cocktail on the French Riviera.

NDAs / SuperNDAs should cover steps 1 to 8. You need only consider filing a complete patent before step 9. By the time of filing a complete patent, you should (under a NDA / SuperNDA) have:

SuperNDA When Secrecy SuperNDA When Disclose

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