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Bathroom Detergent Indication of the product Design number Owner name Filing date Status Design office Class Container 214832 Jane Smith 06-09-2018 Registered and fully published GB 09 NEW Bathroom Detergent Design Trade mark name Application number Applicant name Application date Trade mark Status Trade mark office Nice Class GermoClean 2018-13574 Jane Smith 20-02-2018 Registered GB 03 Trademark

Design and Trademark Pending Numbers

Design Pending Numbers relate to the SHAPE / CONFIGURATION of a product, whereas Trademark Pending Numbers relate to the BRAND (e.g. word mark or logo). Although trademarks need not be "new" at the time of applying for a Trademark Pending Number, the shape, pattern or configuration of a product (or ornamentation applied thereto) must be new to file a Design Pending application.


  • Login to the Iptica filing system
  • Select either the design or trademark option
  • Complete the application form
  • Pay $99

Click to see an example of the completed form:


Design Pending Example Form Design Pending Example Form

Tip: When filing a Design Pending application, upload at least one photo of the product. By using photos instead of drawings, a Design Pending application takes only a couple of minutes to file.


Trademark Pending Example Form Trademark Pending Example Form

A Design or Trademark Pending Number will be issued within a business day of payment. Then, associate the "DESIGN PENDING" / "TRADEMARK PENDING" stamp with your "PATENT PENDING" stamp ‐ not only are Design and Trademark Pending Numbers useful for Quirky marketing campaigns; they also increase the deterrence effect.

Unlike Patent Pending Numbers, which last for 12 months, Design and Trademark Pending Numbers expire after 6 months.

What next?

Design and Trademark Pending Numbers are easily converted into registered designs and trademarks worldwide. However, these foreign registrations should be filed within the 6 month Pending period. Should you fail to file foreign registrations within this 6 month period you should still be able to file: foreign Design registrations in Europe, the US, Canada and Russia for a further 6 months; and foreign Trademark registrations worldwide, provided that no‐one has in the interim filed a confusingly similar mark in a similar class.

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