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    • - Lifesaver sweet patent
    • - Audi car patent
    • - Eskimo Pie ice cream patent
    • - Rolo chocolate patent
    • - Monopoly game patent
    • - Jelly Bean recipe patent
    • - Pantene shampoo patent
    • - Levis clothing patent
    • - Waze software patent
    • - Quirky: drink
    • - Quirky: Restaurant
    • - Quirky: Food
    • - Quirky: Food packaging
    • - Brush T's patent
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"Patent Pending"




Differentiate your product in the customer's mind, making it stand out in a crowd of me‐too products.

Why patent pending image
New Patent Pending Image


Nothing confirms that your product is NEW better than a Patent Pending Number

Shampoo example image

Most competitors merely "claim" their products are NEW.

By simply adding a "PATENT PENDING" stamp, your customers will "know" it. In a forest of claimed "new" products, yours will stand out!

Lifesavers Sweet Patent Image

Lifesavers' Patent Story

For years, everyone thought LIFESAVERS patented the whole in the centre of the sweet. So, they steered clear of copying it. Well, wasn't that why they were called Lifesavers? No. Lifesavers actually patented the little tear‐strip that opens the wrapper. More than 100 years later, LIFESAVERS remain dominent.

Technology Patent Pending Image

Technological Innovation

When customers see "PATENT PENDING", they "know" the product includes a TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION.

Everybody loves technology. And, if customers "see" it in your product and not in those of your competitors, yours will likely be picked.

Communicating your innovative step is laborious for you, and tiresome for the customer. They don't want to understand it. They just want to "know" it's there. Has Pantene ever clarified "PRO‐V"? No. But, everyone wants it. Why? Because it's "technological" and the fact that no‐one understands it adds to the allure.

Audi Car Patent Image

Audi's Patent Story

In 2006, Audi's tv ad claimed:

"It had filed 3,000 more patents than NASA in seeking to create the best car", emphasizing that "to get the A6, Audi filed 9,621 patents."

Because of the patents, Audi's customers "knew" the A6 was technologically innovative … that Audi had "vorsprung(ed) durch technik."


In a similar way that:

A FDA stamp validates that a foodstuff is safe; and
a CE mark validates that an electric product has been tested,

a Patent Pending Number issued by an official Patent Office is recognized by customers as VALIDATION that your product is:

NEW; and

The Patent Pending Number similarly "validates" the statement in your patent title.

Patent Pending Validation

Eskimo Pie's Patent story

Immediately upon launch ESKIMO PIE chocolate‐coated ice cream was a big hit ‐ customers knew it was a "new & innovative" confectionary, because it said "Patent Pending"; and competitors feared to copy it. Surely it must've been a humdinger of a patented feature that enabled ESKIMO PIE to monopolise the chocolate‐coated ice cream bar market for 100 years? Well, not quite. Eskimo Pie simply patented:
"chocolate‐coated ice cream"

Eslimo Pie Ice Cream Patent Image


Scare off competitors with a Patent Pending Number. For a year, they won't know what you've patented, or where it may be extended.

Patent Prevent Copy Image
Patent Pending Risk

Uncertainty = risk, and risk induces inertia.

Ultimately, you may decide that patents aren't for you. But, the Patent Pending Number has given your product "room to grow" and root itself in the market.

Rolo's Patent Story

"Patent Pending"prominently marked on ROLO sweets told customers its "New", and kept competitors guessing what's protected. Was it the caramel centre, the cylindrical stack or the frusto‐conical shape? None of these. Rolo merely patented placing a paper sleeve around a foil wrapper. Today, ROLO is securely entrenched in its corner of the market.

Rolo Chocolate Patent Image

Technical Drawings

Include a technical drawing (with reference numerals).

Then add the drawing to your label.

This reinforces the impression of TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION in the mind of the cutomer, and gives your Patent Pending Number "substance".

Patent Technical Drawings Image

Monopoly's Patent Story

100 years on and 275 million years later, MONOPOLY remains everyone's favourite game. The source of its monopoly lay not in the name, but in a "patent pending" mark, which kept copycats at bay and customers intrigued.
But, what was patented? "Grouping adjacent playing spaces and increasing rentals as a player obtains spaces within a group."
Simple, yet so profitable!

Monopoly Game Patent Image


Or simply just communicate "QUIRKY FUN"! Take the one thing that everyone's previously treated with uber‐stiff‐upper‐lip, British‐fastidious seriousness ‐ Patent Pending Numbers; turn it on its head; and convert it into FUN. Why? Because it's good old‐fashioned, wholesome FUN.

Quirky Patent Pending Image
Patent Drink Image
Patent Restaurant Image
Patent Food Image
Patent Food Packaging Image

Jelly Bean's Patent Story

Everyone loves JELLY BEANS, and they've done so for over 150 years! What initially encouraged customers to try it … and competitors to "shy away", was its "Patent Pending" mark. The serious patented technology behind "the most flavoursome bean on earth" was an incredibly underwhelming:
"Sugar‐coated marshmallow"

Jelly Bean Recipe Patent Image


Although short, Patent Pending titles work ‐ because they're backed up by Patent Pending Numbers, customers "know" there's science behind it. No need to explain further. Just hint.

Patent Pending Title Image
Pillow Example Image

Margarine: "Patent Pending 2018/08523 "Cholesterol substitute""
Booties: "Patent Pending 2018/09513 "Safety soles""
Napkin: "Patent Pending 2018/03431 "Stain wipe coating""
Socks: "Patent Pending 2018/04626 "Thermal pocket""
Glasses: "Patent Pending 2018/05352 "Pure‐view contour""
Watch strap: "Patent Pending 2018/02251 "Ventilation pores""
Chair: "Patent Pending 2018/06753 "Posture corrector""

Pantene's Patent Story

Coin a new word for your "new technological feature" (e.g. Pro‐V) and trademark it. Then, market your technologically advanced product as having the trademarked additive / feature (Pro‐V). Just don't ever describe your technology. The trademark will ensure that no‐one else's product can claim to include "Pro‐V". So, in time, even if all your competitors add Panthenol and Panthenyl Ethyl Ether to their shampoo, customers will still buy yours, because it's got Pro‐V!

Pantene Shampoo Patent Image

Stamp Tips

  1. Get a Patent Pending Number
  2. Mark your product "NEW" or "IMPROVED"
  3. Proudly associate these marks with a "PATENT PENDING" stamp
  4. Add the Patent Pending TITLE to hint at a "benefit"
  5. Include the Patent Pending NUMBER for "validation"
  6. Add a technical drawing
Patent Stamp Image


A Patent Pending Number allows you to mark your product / service "Patent Pending" in 177 countries, including:

Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, D.R. Congo, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malawi, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, S. Korea, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Viet Nam, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Patent Pending Countries Image

Levi's Patent Story

LEVI's pants were "new & innovative", and customers knew it. Because, LEVI's proudly marked its jeans "Patent Pending". And, this little mark also deterred competitors from entering the market long enough for LEVI's to be recognised as the "Original jeans" ‐ a valuable status that LEVI's will never lose … a status that today generates over $5 billion in annual revenue! Did LEVI's patent denim, or the blue colour? Neither. LEVI's patented the little rivets at the edges of the pockets! A feature so inessential, that they're absent on most jeans sold today.

Levis Clothing Patent Image

Design / TM Pending

"Design Pending Number"
- Upcoming clothing range

"Trademark Pending Number"

6 months for only $99

Design Trademark Pending Image Design Trademark Pending Image

Waze's Patent Story

In 2009, Waze got a "Patent Pending Number" for a real‐time "feedback loop" that continually re‐calculates the "optimal route".

In 2014, the patent was assigned to GOOGLE. And, in 2015 the patent application was abandoned. It had done its job ‐ deterred competitors, attracted investors and triggered an "exit".

Waze Software Patent Image

Top Tip

  1. Identify an "intuitive benefit" ‐ one that customers will readily accept as "obvious"
  2. Design a feature / composition that is directed at this "benefit"
  3. Get a Patent Pending Number (with suitable title) for the feature / composition, but keep this feature / composition secret
  4. Coin a "word" for your new feature / composition technology (e.g. "AntiGerm"‐ ok; "G‐Cide" ‐ much better)
  5. Trademark register the word G‐Cide


Patent Pending Tips Image

Top Tip

Market the benefit arising from your
"Patent Pending" G‐Cide™ technology
(… clearly "new" & "technological", and presumably "validated")

Patent Pending Tips Image

Brush T's Patent Story

Every golfer knows the legendary "patented" Brush‐T. But, Brush‐T never mentions a patent number, nor details what was patented. So, what was patented? The bristles? No. Bristled golf tees were old hat. The patent application focused on bristles with inside and outside radii of exactly 5mm and 7.5mm ‐ the "thinnest" patent ever! But very effective when coupled with "USGA approval".

Brush‐T's "patent" and "approval" ‐ wholly ineffective protection against competitors; highly effective marketing tool.

Brush T Patent Image


Most products have features that can justify a Patent Pending Number. They aren't always the "obvious ones".

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Then proudly stamp your product "Patent Pending" in 177 countries for 12 months

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