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"Patent Pending" for marketing a "HINTED BENEFIT"

Use Patent Pending Numbers to hint at BENEFITS.

Patent TITLEs are so powerful, but generally ignored.


Modify the stuffing composition of your baby pillow. Apply for a Patent Pending Number. Use the title "COMFORT SUPPORT". Then, mark your baby pillow:

"Patent Pending 2018/07854 "Comfort Support""


Although short, Patent Pending titles work ‐ because they're backed up by Patent Pending Numbers, customers "know" there's science behind it. There's no need to explain further. Just hint.

Use the title to the fullest:

  • Margarine: "Patent Pending 2018/08523 "Cholesterol substitute""
  • Booties: "Patent Pending 2018/09513 "Safety soles""
  • Napkin: "Patent Pending 2018/03431 "Stain wipe coating""
  • Socks: "Patent Pending 2018/04626 "Thermal pocket""
  • Glasses: "Patent Pending 2018/05352 "Pure‐view contour""
  • Watch strap: "Patent Pending 2018/02251 "Ventilation pores""
  • Chair: "Patent Pending 2018/06753 "Posture corrector""

Market your product "Patent Pending"

What to do:

  • Choose a great title that hints at a benefit
  • Get a Patent Pending Number (using this title) for only $99
  • Receive a Patent Pending Number within 1 business day
  • Stamp your product "PATENT PENDING" (adding the Patent Pending Number and title) in 177 countries

Where to use "Patent Pending", and for how long

Prominently stamp your product "Patent Pending no. ##### "Title"" in 177 countries for 12 months. During this period, generate a reputation in a secondary trademark (discussed below).

Patent Pending Number titles ‐ a powerful marketing tool to hint at BENEFITS.

Then, hit the Turbo button:

Coin a new word for your "new technological feature" (e.g. Pro‐V) and trademark it. Then, market your technologically advanced product as having the trademarked additive / feature (Pro‐V). Just don't ever describe your technology. The trademark will ensure that no‐one else's product can claim to include "Pro‐V". So, in time, even if all your competitors add Panthenol and Panthenyl Ethyl Ether to their shampoo, customers will still buy yours, because it's got Pro‐V! Brilliant!


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