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"Patent Pending" for validation

In a similar way that:

  • a FDA stamp validates that a foodstuff is safe; and
  • a CE mark validates that an electrical product has been tested,

a Patent Pending Number issued by an official Patent Office is recognized by customers as VALIDATION that your product is:

  • NEW; and

The Patent Pending Number similarly "validates" the statement in your patent title.

Patent Pending Number applications are not "examined" by the Patent Office. However, customers generally presume they are, and that issuance of the Patent Pending Number indicates that the application met the "new" and "inventive" requirements.

For some reason, many customers are also under the impression that Patent Pending Numbers shield users from infringement of other patents.

These inferences and association, although not necessarily "correct", are Bolshevik "facts" ‐ thin, real and useful.

Get a Patent Pending Number

What to do:

  • Get a Patent Pending Number for only $99
  • Receive a Patent Pending Number within 1 business day
  • Mark your product "PATENT PENDING" in 177 countries

Where to use "Patent Pending", and for how long

For 12 months, you may legally stamp your product "PATENT PENDING" in 177 countries. Once, sold these products will continue to communicate "PATENT PENDING" throughout their lifetime.

Patent Pending Numbers ‐ a powerful marketing tool to VALIDATE products.

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