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Iptica National Phase Patent
Iptica Patent Pending Number
Iptica Annuity Renewals
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Iptica SA Trademarks and Design
Iptica National Phase Patent
Iptica Patent Pending Number
Iptica Annuity Renewals
Iptica Super NDA
Iptica Prototyping
Iptica SA Trademarks and Design

Patent Pending Numbers

Developed an App? Starting a new clothing line? Designed a novel board game? Concocted a tasty food recipe? Or, launching a new or upgraded product?

Each of our patent pending numbers is effective in 177 countries. We have integrated our systems into the most affordable (and efficient) patent office in the world.

Now, any inventor or product developer can mark their new product, packaging and marketing material "Patent Pending" for only US$99.

We guarantee you a Patent Pending Number within a couple of days and your patent pending document will be maintained strictly secret.


Need to: Sell your idea to a company? Disclose your app idea to a sofware developer? Or, send drawings to a manufacturer?

Ensure that no‐one steals your idea: tailor your own NDA for free, or upgrade your confidentiality agreement to a SuperNDA for only US$99.

The SuperNDA is a watertight confidentiality agreement backed up by a Patent Pending Number ‐ If there is unauthorised disclosure, sue for breach of confidentiality or threaten patent infringement.

People respect NDAs, but fear pending patent rights. And, few things make you look more serious than a pending patent.

Trademarks (SA)

Launching your own clothing brand, beauty contest, website or cosmetic range?

Filing a trademark is your first step to creating a BRAND, to … owning your brand forever.

Search South African trademarks for free, then file a South African trademark registration for only US$80 … in less than 2 minutes.

Start using your brand immediately, knowing that you will be able to prevent others from using a "confusingly similar" mark on similar products.

3D Copyright (SA)

Recently started selling a new product? Scared copycats will easily copy it?

Protect the product's shape in South Africa by filing a design registration for only US$195. No search required.

It couldn't be simpler: take photos with your phone, and file your design registration in less than 5 minutes. This will keep copycats away for up to 15 years.

You may even "test the market" before filing a design registration, as long as you file within 6 months.

Expanding to Africa

File South African national phase patents, convention trademarks and convention design registrations online via a leading South African patent law firm.

Our national phase patent, convention trademark and convention design pricing cannot be matched:

  • South African national phase patent filing cost: US$ 399
  • South African convention trademark filing cost: US$ 199
  • South African convention design filing cost: US$ 299

With over 3,000 successful applications to date.

PayAnnuity Renewals

The PayAnnuity patent, trademark and design renewal system: is robust; runs internal procedures that pick up input errors; includes a budgeting feature; and alerts clients to new patents that may infringe patents in their renewal portfolios.

The renewal system has been in use for 10 years and processes +4,000 renewals annually for more than 200 clients. Users of the renewal system include one of the largest oil companies, multinational US companies, universities and law firms.

Simplify management of your patent, trademark and design renewals by uploading them to the PayAnnuity online renewal system. We can assist with the upload at no cost.

Renewal pricing examples ‐ South Africa:

Patent renewal Trademark renewal
PayAnnuity US$ 55.00 US$ 65.00
Main competitor US$ 97.50 US$ 109.50


Idaho Russet specialises in creating functional prototypes ‐ prototypes specifically designed to test function, attract investors and communicate the invention.

Within a couple of weeks, you can hold and play with a working prototype, developed at a fraction of the cost you expected to pay.

Zhuzh up your website with custom images, or blow potential funders / customers away with posters that showcase your product. We love creating graphics.

Idaho Russet's industrial designers and engineers are housed within the secure environment of a patent law firm. We guarantee that your idea will be kept secret, and that all intellectual property we may contribute will belong to you.


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