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Evolution of the breakfast cereal patent

The humble breakfast cereal, begotten as an oat in milk, rapidly evolved into the puffed, peanut‐butter flavoured, corrugated‐concave‐topped "ready to eat" treat for which we eject from bed today.

Here's a frame‐by‐frame review of its incredible evolutionary journey:

CORN FLAKE's first baby step:

Soaking, cooking, drying, rolling and baking the grain

In hindsight, it's admittedly small … and a little flat, but this was the unremarkable beginning of an exceptional journey.

Breakfast Cereal

WHEAT FLAKES' patent leap:

Swelling grain kernels by soaking them for 3 hours at 64‐77C

The perfect accompaniment to wine at Galilean wedding feasts. But, having savoured a swollen kernel, people quickly wanted more.

Breakfast Cereal

HONEY LOOPS' patent jump:

Heating the cereal above 250C to cause it to puff

Now, something that would otherwise have fitted into a delicately small container could be sold in a satisfyingly large, yet light box.

Puffing ‐ widely acknowledged as the zenith of the evolutionary path ‐ left no option but to branch left.

Breakfast Cereal

GOLDEN GRAHAMS' patent shimmy:

Corrugating the flakes

Control over fracturing passed to mastication of man; the crunch regulated; the flake tamed.

Breakfast Cereal

CINNABON's patent frolic:

Forming rice particles into ribbons

For reasons as cogent as topping‐off a present with a bow.

Breakfast Cereal

ALL BRAN's patent shuffle:

Breaking the cereal into small particles

Admittedly, comparatively exceptionally underwhelming, and disputed as a "step" by some.

Breakfast Cereal

SHREDDED WHEAT's patent heel‐click:

Forming a concave top

Having navigated the doldrums, this gem of the renaissance provided the perfect recess for: receiving berries and fruit; and facilitating penetration of milk.

Breakfast Cereal

FRUIT 'n FIBRE's patent rest for a menage a deux:

Adding freeze‐dried fruit with a moisture content less than 3%

Originally dismissed as "youthful exuberance", but the cork had popped.

Breakfast Cereal

GRANOLA forms a troupe:

Adding peanut butter to the bran

Finally, the once humble cereal surrendered to the spiraling momentum of convenience …

Breakfast Cereal

READY‐TO‐EAT's exuberant swallow‐dive across the line:

Combining cereal with milk powder

Drop the mic!

Breakfast Cereal

Read more about the above patents.


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