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Ice Cream's Incredible Patent Story

You won't believe how much technology went into "ice cream in a cone". If those tubby little dairy scientists were put in charge of the space program, we would likely have put a soft‐serve on the moon in the '40s.

Finally, here are the answers to your age‐old questions:

Why doesn't your ice cream rotate in the cone when licked?

It's those little radially inwards extending tabs on the cone!

Scientifically speaking: they compound the inertia of the ice cream scoop, preventing contra‐rotation of the scoop and cone.

But, little Johnny is more pleased by their unintended benefit: by gripping the ice cream; they also prevent a torpefying mess on the floor.


Ice cream

Where does the melted ice cream go?

It must've struck you that the melt rate tends to exceed the drip rate. So, where does all the non‐iced‐cream go?

Those with lazy tongues may find the overflow at the soggy bottom of their cone. The rest of us appreciate those clever little pockets perfectly designed to collect and store.


Ice cream

And, for those under‐sized cones (as we have never come across an over‐sized ice cream), this technology was beamed to the next level: the Ice Cream Drip Shield.


Ice cream

Why does ice cream make me so extraordinarily happy?

You can't help it ‐ it's biologically guaranteed. What made a root‐canal bearable, "homogenises" soft‐serve ice cream. You've likely guessed at the font of all this happiness. Yes, it's laughing gas ‐ those little pressurised nitrous oxide bubbles that expand when extruded and depressurised, … and make you oh, so happy!


Ice cream

Why is that Flake so resistant to willpower?

Take our word for it: that little Flake didn't come easy. There is patented technology in that too! Cadburys patented the radial "break‐lines" that enable that enticingly protruding Flake to present a perfectly planar axial end. Kind of like a Kit‐Kat, but not quite. What boggles me is that Cadbury's considered it necessary to include 11 pictures properly to explain this technological milestone ‐ each worth 994 superfluous words.


Ice cream

The Dip ‐ how did we get there?

The extraordinarily lateral thought that spiraled into left field; that little seed that blossomed from a chocolate in a soft serve into the patented "chocolate coated ice cream". Eskimo Pie's patent is widely recognized for lifting the humble soft serve from the Flake Age to the Dip Age.


Ice cream

The gravity wrapper fallacy?

Contrary to popular belief, those clever little dairy‐elves at Cornetto didn't put a touch of gravity into the ice cream wrapper. Seriously. Look closer; it's actually that inwards folded lip which overlaps the cone end, preventing it from sliding out.


Ice cream

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